ATA Martial Arts Keizer has a blog now?

ATA Martial Arts Keizer has a blog now?


Hey, everybody! We have a blog now!
While I am not the most “professional” blogger (I guess we’re supposed to have professional pictures all the time and a nifty layout), I will still be using this blog site!

We’re going to use it to do the following…
a) From any of our newsletters, the “Message from Mr. Clews” will be archived. You know, in case you suddenly are thinking “I wonder what was on Mr. Clews’s mind in July of 2016?”
b) Announcements
c) Explanations: Things I want to explain, but never quite get enough time to in class, such as…Why the different programs? How to use better than evers? Tournaments: Why or Why Not? My kid is 5 years old and really uncoordinated…are you SURE he could be a black belt?
d) Just, general thoughts on my mind concerning Taekwondo, instruction, etc.

The purpose of this blog is to be an additional tool and resource for both members and non-members. For non-members, they can see what martial arts is all about and maybe, even if they don’t take classes, benefit from the information here (on hot topics such as bullying, child safety, etc.). For members, this will compliment and amplify what we talk about in class, and also give you a peek inside our brains as instructors.

Hope you enjoy it!


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